Why I Started the Whole 30 Challenge and Love It


Why I Started 

1. My jeans were getting too tight.

2. My best friend was getting married & I was the MOH.

3. I found a cook book with delicious recipes of the same Whole 30 plan my friends mentioned and was instantly intrigued. Carbs and cheese were two of my biggest weaknesses, but it was a challenge I was willing to try out!

4. I really want abs.

5. I now try to eat only fresh, delicious, whole foods that nourish and energize my body in a way processed food just can’t.

Whole 30 says ‘no carbs, no dairy, no processed food, no sugar, no legumes, no corn, and no alcohol.

Yea, so basically no: cheese, pasta, tacos, salad dressings, Ben & Jerrys, pancakes, toast, half and half in my coffee, chicken cutlets at the deli, pineapple martinis, mozzarella sticks, restaurant bread, Mexican chips, sushi, Chinese, or pizza.. yeaaa sounds sort of like torture, I know. There’s alternatives to just about everything though. You can easily turn any unhealthy recipe into a whole 30 compliant masterpiece. (Turkey tacos on lettuce wraps, broccoli pizza pies, cauli fried rice, almond flour coated cutlets, milkshakes made from bananas and avocado)

Your girl still makes her favorite meals happen.

[Cutlets breaded in almond flour – fried in avocado oil – served with a cilantro lime cauli rice and roasted broccoli] 
It’s not that hard once you get started — promise. Especially when you begin noticing a difference in your body, energy and health. You will want want to shoot for a Whole 60!

My clothes are fitting way better– pants are even a bit big, double chin went away, my saggy arm wave doesn’t really jiggle anymore and my abs are starting to peak through 😬

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