My Beef With the Scale Rule

The Whole 30 diet stresses the importance of staying away from the scale for your entire 30 days. For me weighing in is an important way of measuring my hard work or slip ups rather than just the weight of my body. On days that I eat grilled chicken and salmon filets I feel, look, and the scale also shows I have made good choices. On days I indulge in cookies and slices of pizza I can easily see a 3 pound spike from just one day to the next.

Checking my weight and body measurements has helped me become more accountable and recognize the choices I make and their affects. I make more of an effort to change bad habits when I can physically see their impact.

I am definitely not a number obsessed person. I have a goal number in my head, but it doesn’t dictate my everyday. During my first 30 day challenge I lost less than 10 pounds, but my body has been transformed in a way I have never seen or been more proud of.

My weight is distributed very differently now. Some of the bulkier fat has turned to denser muscle. Good fresh food and daily exercise have made wonderful things happen to me. These are my non-scale victories:  I have lost inches off of several different parts of my body, my double chin has faded, my arm sag is gone, my skin is getting clearer, I have been sleeping more soundly, my immune system is stronger, I have more energy, I am happier, and my clothes that were once tight are getting loose!


I keep a notes page in my phone of weekly weigh ins and measurements. Don’t consider the scale or your weight a punishment. Take it as a way of tracking your success or improvement needed.


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