My dishes are made from fresh ingredients, usually sourced locally, and contain a ton of healthy nutrients.

I create plates that are both filling and fun so I don’t get bored or fall off track. My kitchen is stocked every Sunday with natural, clean, real foods to help me get hyped for a week of good health. I don’t count portions or calories or spend hours at the gym. I resist processed food as much as possible and challenge myself daily using kettlebells or my own body weight to improve balance, strength, and muscle tone.

Whole 30 has encouraged me to stick with a plan and be aware of my food and the drinks I was consuming. I still get that full feeling, but it’s now satisfied rather than stuffed. It’s amazing how good food can make your body feel and look.

I hope that my love for fitness and food inspires you to create delicious pretty plates.

my 1st 30

my 1st 30 day challenge ^

While doing my first Whole 30 challenge I noticed several obstacles, so I felt a blog would be helpful for my other low carb low sugar foodies😚


What I found:

1) Cook as many meals at home as possible. We make better choices and know exactly what’s put in the dish. Many plates prepared out are loaded with unnecessary ingredients, purchased in bulk, and are put on ‘special’ close to expiration. Others take pride in the presentation and quality of their food. Some of my favorite local places are mentioned below. Check them out for fabulous food & good service!

2) Read the label or ask always. I stopped in one of my favorite delis the other day and found out their grilled lemon chicken is marinated in sugar. [Why ruin perfectly good chicken with sugar?!] The guy there loved all my questions 😉 Sugar and other harmful ingredients are found in salad dressings, sauces, juices, yogurt, granola bars, ribs– you name it. Just about everything on the shelves are filled with it. Pick out natural items, with basic ingredients, that are sweetened naturally or seasoned with herbs.

3) Always choose water or drinks that contain no added sugar. Juices, sodas, iced teas, Gatorades, Vitamin Waters, energy drinks, and fun Starbucks drinks are loaded with fake ingredients that barely even quench your thirst. Seltzers, BAI5’s and flavored fruit or mint waters are great alternatives. [Besides, wouldn’t you rather waste those calories on chocolate cake or something a little more worth it?] I down a glass of water before or during each meal to avoid overeating.

4) When you move you lose. Try to exercise 4-5 times a week. Any kind of exercise is good just get your heart rate up. This will help your body get stronger, work off fat, and influence your eating decisions later in the day. I will almost Never go upstairs looking for a bowl of ice cream after completing an ab circuit that leaves my belly burning.

Have fun & enjoy! ♥ Please share any suggestions or new recipes you have!